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Bijin to Obake by syaorannohime

A historical romance wherein Eriol tries to tame the defiant Tomoyo amidst the national conflict in Japan. It was all in the name of challenge, but soon, Eriol realizes it is not anymore what he thought it was.

Chapters: 19

Crystal Embers by syaorannohime

Tomoyo falls in love with her best friend, Eriol, but he breaks her heart. Tomoyo flees from Japan, only to come back years later, her love for Eriol dead. Can he break the crystal embers of her heart?

Chapters: 3

Nom de Plume: Hermosa by syaorannohime

Eriol finds himself a recepient of mysterious love letters signed by a certain "Hermosa". Who is she?

Chapters: 11

Veils, Laces and Cords by syaorannohime

Tomboyish Tomoyo Daidouji looks up to her guardian and best buddy Eriol Hiiragizawa, and unexpectedly falls for him secretly. Now how does she prove to him how she fells?

Chapters: 18

Wedding Affairs by syaorannohime

In the eve of her best friend's wedding, Tomoyo Daidouji learned who she really loves.

Chapters: 9